Interview at Cornell did not go so well

I have just got back from my interview at Cornell University. Unfortunately, the interview did not go as well as I was hoping that it would do. I think the main reason for this is because I was very nervous.

I should not have been so scared, as it is not the first interview that I have been to this year; I have also interviewed at Stamford and of all places Troy University. You may be thinking to yourself why did I go to Troy University, when it does not have as good a reputation as the other universities I have mentioned. Will the main reason for this is that I live very close to the university itself in Alabama. Therefore, I decided that it would be a very good idea if I checked out a local place, even though I will be very disappointed if I end up studying there (though it did look to be quite a nice place to be, to be honest). Finally, given the good University of Michigan ranking I have decided to apply there too, as a high quality backup college.

Anyway back to the interview that I had a Cornell, even though it did not go as good as I was hoping that it would do, I still think I have a good chance of getting in as I am expecting pretty much get full score in my SAT exams, and I did a lot of extracurricular activities that I feel the people that were interviewing me at Cornell were quite impressed with.

So why do I feel the interview went badly, I think I was a little bit immature as I brought my parents along with me to the interview. I don’t think this was the best thing to do in hindsight. I think the next time that I interview at an establishment on my list of Ivy League schools (Yale, next week) I’m going to go by myself, and insist that my parents stay at the hotel.

I also feel that I had to do behave a little shyly at interviews. I don’t think there is that much I can do about this, as it is a personality trait. I expect that if I do get into an Ivy League college that I will soon learn how to be more confident in myself.

So now that I have told you about the interview, I bet that you are wondering what I think of Cornell University itself. Well I have to admit; that I think the campus itself is stunningly beautiful. I was surprised, of just how spread out the campus was, and the amount of countryside that seemed to be within the campus itself. Just before the interview, my parents and I went for a walk along the beautiful lake there (Cayuga). What impressed me the most? The large waterfalls that run over the gorges there.

I think the one drawback of going to university at Cornell is that it gets very cold in the winter. I suppose that this is a drawback of virtually all of the Ivy League institutions. I have to admit, that at the moment Stanford is a little bit more appealing to me due to it having much warmer weather in the winter.

I guess the big question is, if I was offered a place at Cornell University or indeed any of the other Ivy League institutions (I’m going to an interview at Princeton as well as Yale) then would I be prepared to put up the cold? You bet your life I would. It must be an awesome experience to study at such a prestigious establishment. I’ve got to admit, that going to an Ivy League school or their equivalent, such as Stanford, has been a dream of mine for a long long time. Indeed, I would not have spent many hours working at home doing extra study-time if I did not plan to get the best education that I possibly can.

I told you that my interview did not go so good at Cornell, but that I still feel I have a chance of being accepted. I think the one good thing to come out of all this, is that I now have a little more experience at interviews.

This should put me in good stead for when I have my interview at Yale next Tuesday, and the big one itself, Princeton, in two weeks time. It feels strange really, that I feel a little bit more confident about being accepted into Princeton than I do at the other Ivy League institutions because it will be my last interview and I am hoping that the experience that I have gained from attending other interviews at Ivy League establishments will give me much more confidence.\